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Fundamentals of Pedagogical Knowledge for Teaching in Disadvantaged Educational Contexts

Professors who have taught the course:
Claudia Matus, Carolina Rojas y Patricia Guerrero

The course aims to develop a conceptual basis for the understanding and analysis of contexts that are socio-economically and culturally disadvantaged, from a critical and constructive perspective. In this course, students understand the relationship between the generation of learning opportunities, disadvantages, policies, and practices, assuming that the latter are effective. The educational action must be placed in, and be able to respond to, specific requirements of the communities. Through a reflective methodology, cases will be analyzed and evidence relevant to the implications and impact of educational disadvantage will be discussed. The course is taught by an interdisciplinary team, utilizing socio-anthropological, geographical, and pedagogical knowledge, and it analyzes the main foundations to understand disadvantage and unveil its mechanisms of reproduction and interruption. In this way, the course develops strong arguments and categories to think about the generation of learning opportunities as a responsibility of high complexity, which requires the synergy of various professional fields.

This course is part of the curriculum of the Certificate in Generation of Learning Opportunity in Disadvantaged Educational Contexts offered by the Faculty of Education to PUC students from different disciplines.