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Principal Investigator
andŕes haye

    Doctor of Biological Sciences (Ecology), with a degree in Biological Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and then was a postdoctoral associate in the Biodiversity and Macroecology Group (BIOME) at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and later of the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity in Chile. Academic at the Austral University of Chile, Associate Researcher in the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, she is the founder of the Wine, Climate Change, and Biodiversity Program in Chile. Since October 2019, she has served as the Seremi of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, of the South Macrozone, which integrates the regions of La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos.


    I work on the interface of ecosystem ecology and biological conservation, investigating how mutlifunctional landscapes can contribute to the provision of ecosystem services, especially agro-ecosystems and cities. I am interested in linking my research to the development of conservation strategies that involve the community, industry, and the public sector.


    Selected Publications

    Silva CP, García CE, Estay SA, Barbosa O* (2015) Bird Richness and Abundance in Response to Urban Form in a Latin American City: Valdivia, Chile as a Case Study. PLoS ONE 10(9): e0138120

    Castañeda LE, Godoy K, Manzano M, Marquet PA, Barbosa O*. (2015) Comparison of soil microbial communities inhabiting vineyards and native sclerophyllous forests in central Chile. Ecology and Evolution 5 (18): 3857–3868

    Viers JH, Williams JN, Nicholas KA, Barbosa O, Kotze´ I, Spence L, Webb LB, Merenlender A, & Reynolds M. (2013) Vinecology: pairing wine with nature. Conservation Letters 6 (5):287-299

    Barbosa O, del-Val E, Armesto JJ, Bacigalupe LD, Christie D, Gutiérrez AG, Jones CG, Marquet P, Weathers KC. (2010) Interactions among patch area, forest structure and water fluxes in a fog-inundated forest ecosystem in semiarid Chile. Functional Ecology, 24:909-917

    Barbosa O, Tratalos JA, Armsworth PR, Davies RG, Fuller RA, Johnson P, Gaston KJ. (2007) Who benefits from access to green space? A case study from Sheffield, UK. Landscape and Urban Planning 83:187-195


    Contact: olga.barbosa@uach.cl

    ORCID ID: 1-9397-0070